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de no·vo, Latin, [Eng. dee noh-voh] anew; afresh; again; from the beginning.

strat·e·gy [strat-i-jee] –noun, plural -gies.

1. skillful use of a stratagem

2. a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result: a strategy for gettingahead in the world.

Banking today requires anew strategy.  With the current economic environment and regulators handing out orders, banks and management need new tools to keep ahead.  At De Novo Strategy, we develop new strategies to help banks and bankers navigate these difficult times.

The successful banks are not taking the “business as usual” approach, they are aggressively managing their portfolio, and they are using compliance management to help the bank strategically.  They are aggressively working with the board and management to properly assess their needs.  There is no doubt that banking today is the hardest it has ever been, often it seems like everyone is beating up the bankers, when they are working to fix things and save their banks.

We are here to support banking by providing new strategies that work!

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New FDIC Score Card

Find out how the FDIC will be assessing deposit insurance premiums in the future - Oh by the way the future is now! The new Score Card will be arriving at your bank shortly. You can build a smarter bank by understanding the new rules. 


De Novo Strategy is not a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) and does not act an RIA.  De Novo Strategy does not provide any specific investment advice. Any information obtained from this website or through one of  De Novo Strategy's representatives should be reviewed by a professional.

Three Ways You Could Benefit From Some Outside Help

1. We help those who don’t want to go it alone
Stop reading this if you are a professional investment advisor. Stop reading if you can afford not to worry about getting the most from your investments. Stop reading if the stock market is your hobby so you have fun experimenting and making transactions. If you are any of those people you probably don’t want any help—you can do it all yourself.

If you are not a professional investor but care just as much as they do about making sure your money does well, then you probably wish you had an expert to give you advice and to help manage your accounts—without skimming most of the money as fees.  More...


Continuous Compliance is Critical ...

Organizations must meet the challenge of being compliant with multiple regulatory requirements while, at the same time, improving efficiency and the bottom line. More than ever companies must invest in security compliance initiatives to remain successful. Those initiatives cannot, and need not, impair standard business processes. Compliance should be integrated seamlessly into the business and its culture. MORE

Buy A Bank

The task of buying a bank, while very rewarding, can be confusing. This is where De Novo Strategy, Inc. comes in to help. We work closely with you and your team, from the selection of the target bank all the way through the receipt of regulatory approval. Our team understands the potential pitfalls, and we work proactively to avoid them or minimize their impact. With our expertise and guidance, your dream of buying a bank can become a reality. Let us help you build a smarter bank.

Starting A Bank

If you are interested in starting a bank, either a commercial or community* bank, that builds a quality brand based on exceptional service, we can help.  At De Novo Strategy, we make these opportunities a reality through the implementation of proven strategies to lead you and your de novo bank project to success.  Your goal, to establish a successful, profitable venture for all stakeholders involved, is our goal too.

The approval process to obtain a bank charter is cumbersome.  And bank regulators are looking for well-capitalized business plans that are spearheaded by experienced, innovative bankers. The professionals at De Novo Strategy can teach you how to start a bank sucessfully.

Let us help you start a smarter bank.

*Community bank refers primarily to the bank's asset size, rather than the type of business the bank conducts or the bank charter under which it operates, for example, a state or national bank.